e•bloom building sustainable partnerships B.V. has a total solution for every business customer. We do this by facilitating just the right solution for your organisation and what it needs. You can order a single bouquet, have your own portal, make use of a convenient flower subscription, have us develop your flower shop, or place a single order of larger quantities for a special occasion or promotional activity. You can be billed according to cost centre once a month. All of our bouquets are designed by our own design team. The bouquets are made by hand or on one of our high-grade machines at our own sustainably operating location; they are gift-wrapped and then delivered with care to any desired address at any specific time. Our flowers come fresh from the grower and can be provided with a personal message. We are your online florist: fresh flowers straight from the grower, carefully and professionally arranged into bouquets, and delivered to locations in the Netherlands and abroad. We package your order neatly in a special shipping carton and deliver it right to the front door. Perfect for yourself but also, of course, as a gift for someone else. Together with our partner Bloominess, we have the Netherlands’ (and possibly the world’s) most eco-friendly production environment.


Our design team is inspired by the latest trends and developments as well as the most beautiful seasonal products. All of this inspiration results in wonderful designs that we turn into gorgeous, environmentally responsible products that are exactly what both the recipients and our clients want. We work with our growers on a transparent basis. Everything is responsibly produced in an energy-neutral environment in Aalsmeer, the Dutch centre for horticulture. Years of experience and a purely professional approach mean that we can respond quickly to trends and seasons and that we are constantly involved in innovation.

We bring the joy of flowers and plants to everyone who truly appreciates this experience and a high standard of quality. Our bouquets are carefully made by hand: a process involving real craftsmanship.


The online shop offers a quick and easy way to order one or more bouquets and have them delivered. The flowers come fresh from the grower and are handmade into a lovely bouquet designed by our design department. The bouquet is neatly gift-wrapped, prepared for transport and delivered to the right address. Naturally, each bouquet can be provided with a personal message. Something really special to receive! The e•bloom webshop is the ultimate online florist for both consumers and business customers. Having a business account makes it easy to place orders in your company’s name and schedule them for delivery to any address you request. For your own records, you will then receive a list of the orders you placed that month.


Having your own online flower portal for your own company has several benefits. This makes it quick and easy for employees in your organisation to order flowers for colleagues, customers and occasions. To create a company portal with the latest and widest possible assortment, it is based on e•bloom’s product range. You could even have it provided with your own logo. This also makes it easy to schedule orders in advance and have them delivered to any address. Invoicing can be done monthly and specified per cost centre. This makes it easy to enter your orders into your business administration accurately.


Having your own store enables you to sell flowers yourself. This involves having an online flower shop using your own corporate identity along with possibilities for your own line of flowers and packaging. We will ensure that your store is compatible with your existing online activities or it could be an extension of your brick and mortar shops. This give you a quick, efficient and professional way to carry your own online flower label aimed at your own end customers. We can work together on determining the collection, terms and conditions, and the design. In this case, you will be responsible yourself for the marketing and customer service. Meanwhile, the production, fulfilment services and distribution will be handled by means of the e•bloom system.

Drop shipment

Looking for just the right drop shipment partner for your bouquets or plants? Why not make use of our professional production, our efficient fulfilment services and our international logistics network? We can assume the production of your own collection, or we could professionally process the end products you provide and handle the fulfilment and the logistics services.


e•bloom is also the right place to contact for special occasions, promotional activities, large quantities or special products. For us, these are customised projects. We will be pleased to consult with you and prepare a proposal suitable for your organisation, its objective, the recipient and the budget. It could be 100 tulip bouquets for your colleagues working from home, 5,000 bouquets for the care workers at the hospital in your city, or 20,000 cheerful bunches of flowers to show support for the people suffering financially in the hospitality sector. You name it. We like a good challenge!


Isn’t it nice to always have a fresh bunch of flowers at the workplace, on the reception desk or in the conference room, the reception room or your shop? An e•bloom flower subscription makes this quick and easy. It’s so easy to arrange: determine the budget, frequency, desired delivery day and lead time, and we’ll do the rest. Once the delivery schedule is established, you don’t have to do a thing. You can be billed according to cost centre once a month. The subscription can also be unconditionally cancelled at any time. A flower subscription also makes a great gift for a colleague or business associate. Just think how nice it would be to receive such a colourful floral gift every week, two weeks, month or three months. More information? Don’t hesitate to contact us!