e•bloom building sustainable partnerships B.V. is the largest e•florist in the Netherlands and maybe even in Europe. We are proud of being affiliated with Groenland. Groenland sees sustainability as a top priority for its operations, and this is reflected in a high level of ecological awareness and social commitment. In arriving at decisions, a very important factor is the resulting impact on people and the environment with the aim of creating a sustainable future.

Whenever possible, we process organically and ecologically grown products. We operate from a highly sustainable business property in Green Park Aalsmeer. The 4,700 solar panels on the roof provide the majority of the electricity required, there is no connection to natural gas mains, we operate on a climate-neutral basis, and our waste is separated and, whenever possible, recycled. Rainwater and waste water are treated and reused. Dozens of on-site charging points stimulate the use of electric cars.

We work with our growers on a transparent basis and are acquainted with the origins of our product. We also know exactly where the other materials we use come from and how they are produced. We select our growers and other suppliers with the greatest of care. Everything is as fresh as can be, produced sustainably, and intended to minimise waste and leave a carbon-neutral footprint.