Enjoy your bouquet for as long as possible

Naturally, our number one priority is for you to enjoy your bouquet as long as possible. These tips can help. No time to arrange your bouquet in a vase straightaway? Then simply place it temporarily in fresh tap water.


To make sure that you receive the bouquet in good condition, we use special sustainable boxes. You can reuse this box or dispose of it in the waste paper intended for recycling.

  • Placing the bouquet in the vase 
  • Fill the clean vase with water and add the flower food
  • Cut or trim at an angle about 3 cm from every stem and remove the lowest leaves
  • Provide enough fresh water on a regular basis
  • Do not place the bouquet in direct sunlight and or in draughts

Our bouquets are made up with love and packaged with care. Due to their freshness, some flowers may take a little time to open completely.


A bouquet is a natural product. Sometimes, one stem may look less attractive after a while in the vase. In this case, remove it and then rearrange the bouquet so you can enjoy it longer.