On which days can I have the bouquet delivered?

You select the day on which the bouquet will be delivered. In the Netherlands, we deliver 6 days a week, from Monday through Saturday (except for official holidays).

How will the bouquet be delivered?

The bouquet will be packaged in a specially developed eco-friendly shipping box made for flowers. The bouquet is made up by hand and then rolled into sustainable paper. The bouquet is accompanied by flower food and clearly stated care tips. Naturally, it will also include a personal message if you wish. 

Can I also send a bouquet to another country?

Yes. When filling in the delivery address, simply enter the recipient’s address in that foreign country. Please note, however, that the delivery dates in other countries can differ due to transit times and possibly different official holidays.

Can I send the bouquet anonymously?

Yes. Your own personal information is never shared with the recipient unless you put your name on the card yourself. If you don’t put your name on the card, the bouquet will be sent anonymously. The sender’s personal information is never shared without his or her permission.

What happens if the recipient is not home at the time of delivery?

In the Netherlands, the bouquet is offered to a neighbour to give to the recipient. If neither any neighbour is home, the bouquet can be collected from a nearby post office. In either case, the recipient will be properly informed and this information will also be entered into the sender’s track & trace data.

Will I receive a confirmation of receipt?

We work with an accurate track & trace system used by our logistics partners. As soon as the bouquet leaves our premises, it can then be followed until it reaches its destination.